Accounting software for trucking companies must meet specific requirements that are unique to the trucking industry.

Similar to engineering accounting software, the software a trucking business chooses should provide them with the tools they need to run the operation smoothly.

Read on for our 9 top picks of the best trucking accounting software for owner-operators just starting out as well as long-time veterans.

How do you choose trucking accounting software?

The best trucking app and accounting software for trucking companies will assist with fleet management, mileage tracking, trucking expenses, flexible billing, dispatch management, and even IFTA reporting.

Many all-in-one software options also provide services such as business accounting, payroll, accounts receivable, and profit and loss statements.

Below are some questions to ask as you look for trucking accounting software:

  • Does this software allow me to scale the business?

  • Does this software provide all the features I need, such as all-in-one support?

  • How accessible is the software? Can it be used on the go?

  • Can the software fit into the budget of the company?

  • Does the software provide the appropriate financial reports?

With these questions in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the trucker accounting options available:

1. Shoeboxed Magic Envelope – Best receipt tracking system

Whether you’re an employed trucker or you own a trucking company, keeping up with loose receipts is a hassle when you’re constantly on the road. 

When your job is to travel, hanging on to paper receipts to bring back to the office or feed through a portable scanner just isn’t efficient, and it can get annoying storing receipts for fast food meals and fuel in your cab when you don’t have much extra space to begin with.

Shoeboxed’s Magic Envelope offers a unique receipt scanning service that’s especially helpful to trucking owner-operators who are always on the go.

Sending your documents with Shoeboxed’s Magic Envelope

Forgo hours of manual data entry by keeping a prepaid Magic Envelope in your truck, stuffing all of your receipts inside of it, and shipping it off at the end of the month to be scanned and uploaded into your account.

Once scanned, the receipts are viewable in your Shoeboxed account through customizable categories for quick and easy expense reporting without needing to create a trucking expense spreadsheet on your own.

Shoeboxed even offers a helpful mileage tracker to keep tabs on the miles you’ve spent on the pavement.


  • Easy to set up and use

  • Unlimited online storage

  • Saves hours of time

  • Receipt category customization

  • Accounting software integration services

  • Digital archive to prevent damage to data


  • Delayed processing due to the mail feature


Shoeboxed Magic Envelope offers either a monthly or annual subscription with various payment plans.

On a monthly basis, the lowest tier plan costs $22/month and includes 50 digital documents and unlimited users.

The highest tier plan costs $67/month, supports unlimited users, and includes 300 documents.

Annual subscriptions cost 20% less, with the lowest tier at $18/month (charged annually) and the highest at $54/month (charged annually).

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2. Q7 – Best overall accounting software

Q7 is the best all-in-one software solution for the trucking industry.

Q7’s home page

Loaded with features designed to help trucking companies operate like a well-oiled machine, Q7 is suitable for small businesses and large fleets alike.

The features of this software include fleet maintenance, order management, payroll, and accurate accounting processes such as accounts payable, freight billing, and dispatch.

This accounting software provides the ability to purchase either a site license or cloud-based setup, though the onsite version is available only on Windows 7 or newer.

Though there is no free trial period provided, there is an option to get a free demo, so be sure to review thoroughly before committing.


  • All-encompassing accounting software

  • Trucking management

  • Scalable

  • Accounting functions

  • Training and technical support

  • Custom features can be added for free


  • No price transparency

  • No free trial


Q7 provides a price only after a quote process.

3. Axon – Best for midsize companies

Axon’s home page

Axon’s home page

This full-service provider is one of the best trucking accounting software options out there.

Axon includes everything a midsize trucking company needs to operate at peak efficiency.

Services include accounting, IFTA reporting, fleet management, payroll, expense tracking, and others.

Axon offers integrated reporting, which gives the user the ability to review data entries across multiple views without duplicating data.

Axon is not a cloud-based software, which means it has to be downloaded onto a local machine and can only be accessed from that one device.

This is one of the main reasons that this particular trucking accounting software does not work well for larger fleets.


  • Real-time integrated reporting

  • Dispatch software minimizes empty loads

  • Automated IFTA reports and calculations


  • Price transparency is low

  • Not scalable

  • Remote access is not available


Just like Q7, Axon only provides the price after going through a quote process.

4. Rigbooks – Best for small fleets

Rigbooks’s home page

Rigbooks’s home page

Rigbooks is a budget-friendly accounting software option for small trucking companies.

This software is designed to understand the cost of each run in order to find the most profitable load.

Small business owners using this software can quickly view cost and profit per mile.

Rigbooks also has the ability to bill by mile, load, item, weight, or as a lump sum.

This particular software is cloud-based and can be accessed via different options, such as on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Phone support is available for those using Rigbooks, but it does not provide training resources or a site manual.


  • 30-day free trial

  • Customizable billing software by mile, item, and weight

  • Log expense tracking from a smartphone or tablet

  • IFTA reports and calculations


  • No training resources

  • Not scalable


Rigbooks is more transparent about their prices.

For 1 truck, the price is $19/month. The plan that allows for up to 5 trucks costs $149/month.

Any additional trucks are an extra charge.

5. TruckingOffice – Best for Quickbook users

TruckingOffice’s home page

TruckingOffice’s home page

This trucking accounting software is geared more toward accounting rather than an all-in-one solution for trucking companies.

The integration between the software and Quickbooks and Quickbooks online is seamless, giving bookkeepers and accountants easy access to the information of trucking companies.


  • Trucking-specific features with knowledge of Quickbooks

  • Integrates with desktop and online versions of Quickbooks


  • There is no 30-day free trial

  • No mobile app is available


There are basic and pro plans.

The basic plan starts at $20/month for 1 to 2 trucks. The pro plan starts at $30/month.

Additional features of the accounting tool will cost more.

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6. Tailwind TMS – Best invoicing and billing software

Tailwind TMS may not be a complete accounting solution, but it is a great solution for invoicing and bill payment—two musts for trucking companies.

This accounting software provides promising features involving tracking bills and payment schedules.

Those in the trucking business who use this software can log in at any time to view account information, shipments, and invoices.

Carriers can see loads, shipments dispatched, and the amounts owed to them.


  • Comprehensive bill payment system

  • Integrates with Quickbooks online and desktop

  • Customer and carrier portals

  • Management capability


  • More expensive than other options

  • Not a complete bookkeeping software option

  • No integrated payroll

  • No bank reconciliation


This software provides 3 pricing tiers:

  • The pro plan for $117/month per user

  • The enterprise plan for $176/month per user

  • The unlimited plan for $235/month per user

The pro and enterprise options have a 30-day free trial available with no credit card required.

7. Zoho Books – Best mobile accounting software

Zoho homepage

Zoho Book’s home page

Zoho Books isn’t an accounting software tailored specifically to trucking businesses, but Zoho software has strong features involving invoicing and projections, which could be beneficial.

One of the best features of this trucking accounting software is its powerful accounting application.

This cloud-based platform provides a complete mobile accounting solution for admin and managers along with the ability to create professional invoices, accept payments online, and track time worked.


  • Best mobile accounting software

  • Call customer support directly

  • Free plan

  • Plenty of accounting features


  • The free plan is limited to $50,000 annual revenue

  • Additional users are an extra charge

  • No trucking-specific features

  • Doesn’t integrate with trucking management software


The plans range from free for up to $50,000 in annual revenue to Ultimate at $249/month per organization.

The standard and lowest plan is $12/month per organization for up to 3 users, but there are plenty of options to explore.

8. PCS TMS – Best custom trucking management system

PCS TMS doesn’t have its own software but instead partners with other systems to provide custom-fit software for trucking companies.

Each membership tier allows for a different integration into a third-party system, which lets the trucking company select the software that will help them maintain their fleet.


  • AI-driven

  • Integrations with third-party fleet management systems


  • Doesn’t have its own software


The 3 price tiers are listed below:

  • Silver starts at $200/month

  • Gold starts at $410/month

  • Diamond goes up to $625/month

9. Rose Rocket – Best all-in-one trucking software

Rose Rocket’s home page

Rose Rocket’s home page

Built for modern companies, Rose Rocket is a one-stop shop for trucking operations to track mileage, tax filing, and more.

This software automates every part of the process to allow for accurate reports and professional tax reporting.


  • One-stop shop for trucking business needs

  • Easy to use

  • Try out the demo before you buy

  • Integrations


  • Some integrations are still in development

  • Slow real-time updates


Price is only disclosed during a quote process.

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In conclusion

Accounting software is crucial for keeping track of company income and owner-operator expenses, especially when it comes to the complex business model of a trucking company.

While all of the trucker accounting software on this list is great for integrating into a trucking business, it’s a good idea to consider your needs and weigh your options before choosing one.

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