Get Paper Off Your Desk and Into Action.

Skip the receipt scanning and hours of manual data
entry with the Shoeboxed Magic Envelope™.

New York Times recommends ShoeboxedNew York Times
…better still is an app called Shoeboxed.
Time Magazine recommends ShoeboxedTime Magazine
If you’re looking for reliable storage for digital tax receipts, consider Shoeboxed.
PC Mag recommends ShoeboxedPC Mag
Shoeboxed makes it stupid simple to scan receipts…
Shoeboxed web, mobile, and envelopes

There’s never been a faster or easier way to clear your desks and drawers of paper receipts.

Shoeboxed’s Magic Envelope™ is the only receipt management tool that doesn’t require any scanning. Simply stuff it with your receipts and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting.

Start digitizing your receipts today!

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Being able to stuff receipts and documents into an envelope weekly or bi-weekly and just watch them magically show up in a file management system is great.
Adam Curtis, via GetApp
The Magic Envelope is a great feature. Love stuffing the envelope with receipts and then having [Shoeboxed] scan.
David W., via Capterra