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  • Outsource receipt scanning & manual data entry
  • Maximize deductions while on the go!
  • Get expenses automatically categorized
  • Reduce audit risk and receipt loss
  • Simplify expense management
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“There has never been a more tedious task than scanning individual receipts for expenses. Once I discovered Shoeboxed would take my crumpled envelope of a month's worth of travel expenses and turn it into searchable, categorized reports for tax time? COMPLETE GAME CHANGER. Don't think I could ever go back.”
Shannon Brinker
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“...better still is an app called Shoeboxed”
“If you’re looking for reliable storage for digital tax receipts, consider Shoeboxed.”
“Shoeboxed makes it stupid simple to scan receipts...”
How it works

How does Shoeboxed’s expense management work?

Send receipts to our scanning facility or upload them to your Shoeboxed account.
We scan receipts, extract line items & verify receipt data.
Get notified that receipts are processed and viewable in your Shoeboxed account.
We return or shred the mailed-in documents based on your preference.

Shoeboxed’s award-winning features for truckers

Mail-in receipt scanning service painlessly digitizes boxes of receipts
Digital archive of receipts prevents damage-related receipt loss
Receipt scans that meet tax audit requirements
Quick tallying of tax categories streamlines reporting
Built-in expense reports feature reduces hours of tax prep
Account sharing fosters easy check-ins with clients
Unlimited, separate accounts for bookkeeping businesses of any size
Create receipt category tags and rules based on client needs
Return or shred option for mail-in docs based on your clients’ wishes
Integrations with QuickBooks and other popular accounting software

Why should truck owner-operators choose Shoeboxed?

Truck operators often have many expenses on the road, such as fuel, meals, and maintenance costs.

Keeping track of all these receipts can be a challenge, but with Shoeboxed’s Magic Envelope service, they just need to stuff all their receipts into the prepaid envelope provided by Shoeboxed and send it in.

Shoeboxed’s data entry team will then scan, categorize, and organize these receipts digitally.

So, instead of having to enter expense data manually, truck drivers can spend more time focusing on their primary job!

Shoeboxed ensures that all transactions are accurately recorded and accessible from any device.

The app's ability to store organized IRS-approved digital copies of receipts means that truckers can approach tax season with confidence.

This level of preparedness minimizes the risk of financial discrepancies, making it easy to find deductions and confidently handle audits.

Truck owner-operators are among Shoeboxed’s growing customer base.

We frequently hear how Shoeboxed has specifically benefited truckers who have long routes and don’t want to deal with expense management while on the road.

Shoeboxed provides truck owner-operators with a secure, hands-off approach to expense management that they can rely on when it’s time to claim their deductions.


"What I like about the service is its ease of use"

What I like about the service is its ease of use. Everytime I receive a receipt, I immediately snap a picture of it and send it in. Or, if I receive an emailed receipt, I'll email it to myself or to the shoeboxed email address that I was set up with. Once the categories are established in their software, it's so easy to file everything immediately and run a report. Shoeboxed staff are very easy to work with. I'm a happy Shoeboxed customer.

—Ed Godfrey, Trucking & Transportation

Frequently asked questions

Yes, each account automatically comes with unlimited users. Additionally, we can create sub-accounts for internal departments or any member(s) of your team if you’d prefer to keep their receipts separate for any reason.

Shoeboxed’s receipt scanning app and service and receipt management software integrate with a wide range of accounting software, including Quickbooks Online. For a full list of accounting software integrations, go here.

The best receipt management software will include OCR data extraction, automatic tagging of expense receipts for easy tax reports, cloud-based storage of your digital files, and the ability to create expense reports with receipts attached. Some, but not all, business receipt scanners will include mileage and expense tracking.

The best receipt scanners and receipt scanning software will have a number of established scanner features. Here are 10 questions to help you determine the best receipt scanner machine options, electronic receipt scanner options, receipt and document scanners, receipt scanner apps, and receipt scanning features:

  1. Does the receipt scanner include optical character recognition?
  2. Does the receipt scanner include the ability to create expense reports?
  3. Does the receipt scanner include receipt tracking software?
  4. Does the receipt scanning app track mileage?
  5. Does the receipt scanner provide categorization for managing receipts?
  6. Does the receipt scanner allow for customizable tags/categories?
  7. Does the receipt scanner include the option to outsource receipt scanning?
  8. Does the expense reporting feature include the ability to attach receipts?
  9. Does the receipt scanner include the ability to categorize digital or smart receipts?
  10. Does the receipt scanner integrate with popular accounting software?

Our standout receipt scanner feature is that we will scan physical receipts on your behalf. Simply send your receipts to our processing facility in a prepaid envelope, and we do the rest. Your receipts will be OCR (optical character recognition) scanned and uploaded to your account—without you having to do any of the data entry.

There are multiple ways for users to scan receipts into their Shoeboxed account.

  • Stuff your receipts in a pre-paid envelope—Clear piles of paper receipts by mailing them to our processing facility for free with a postage-paid envelope from us. Then we’ll scan receipts into your Shoeboxed account.
  • Send receipt images from your phone—Use our mobile app for quick and easy uploads while on the go. Our receipt scanner app is available on the Apple store and Google Play.
  • Email receipts to your Shoeboxed account—Forward receipts to a designated Shoeboxed email address provided when you sign up. Any receipts that you forward will automatically appear in your Shoeboxed account.
  • Use a Gmail plugin to auto-import receipts—Install our custom Gmail plugin to auto-import digital receipts to the Shoeboxed dashboard. The plugin automatically sends new e-receipts from your inbox to your Shoeboxed account.
  • Drag and drop receipts into the cloud—Upload receipts to your Shoeboxed account from your laptop or desktop. With the drag-and-drop method, you can submit multiple receipts at one time.

Yes! Please book a demo call so we can better understand your needs.

Don’t want to outsource receipt scanning? Looking for traditional receipt scanners? We got you. For anyone interested in a receipt scanner machine, we’ve selected the best document scanners on the market that have made a number of bestseller lists. Note: These document scanners can serve as receipt scanners, too.

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600 does single or duplex scanning and can scan up to 6,000 documents per day and up to 50 sheets at one time. It also has built-in optical character recognition (OCR), which transcribes all the text on your documents so you can search the digital versions. The colored control touchscreen panel is customizable for up to four user profiles. It connects via USB or Wi-Fi and comes with a dedicated ScanSnap app. Price: $449.99.

2. Raven Pro Document Scanner

The Raven Pro Document Scanner doesn’t require a device connection. The duplex scanning option allows you to scan two sided documents at one time. An 8-inch touchscreen control panel allows you to edit and manage your documents without needing to plug in your PC. A 100-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) boasts “anti-jam” technology. You can scan to a USB flash drive. Raven Pro owners are given access to free, unlimited cloud storage. Price: $599.85.

3. Brother DS-640 Compact Mobile Document Scanner

Brother DS-640 Compact Mobile Document Scanner is less than 1 foot in length and 1.5 pounds in weight. While this doesn’t have the same ADF capabilities as its larger counterparts, its dedicated software suite still has comparable OCR and document management features. Be warned, it only connects via USB and relies on USB connection for power. Price: $110.

4. Canon CanoScan LiDE400 Document Scanner

Canon CanoScan LiDE400 Document Scanner has an auto scan feature that detects document type. This flatbed scanner is designed to be slim and space-saving at 1.7 by 14.5 by 9.9 inches (HWD). It also has a great Auto Scan feature that detects the document type and adjusts its settings accordingly. This scanner operates entirely on USB power, so you’ll need a regular PC connection to use it. Price: $90.

4. Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner

The Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner supports larger teams and offices, with a 120-page ADF and a 10,000-scan daily duty cycle. Scan multiple pages, then digitize them by converting them to searchable PDFs with its exceptional OCR capabilities. It also offers up to nine OneTouch custom “scan-to” location profiles and customizable workflow profiles for all your employees. Price: $1,400.

Here are 3 different ways to manage business receipts.

  1. Paper receipts—Your employees attach the paper receipt to their expense report and send it to you or the accounting team.
  2. A receipt app on your phone that digitizes your receipts—For example, with the Shoeboxed app, you take pictures of your receipts to keep track of business expenses.
  3. A receipt scanning service that scans and inputs your business’s receipt data—Shoeboxed’s Magic EnvelopeTM service is a prepaid envelope that users fill with physical receipts and mail to Shoeboxed’s office. The receipts are then scanned, human-verified, logged into users’ accounts, and safely stored.
“It's so easy to file everything immediately and run a report. Shoeboxed staff are very easy to work with. I'm a happy Shoeboxed customer.”
Ed Godfrey
Ed Godfrey Trucking & Transportation
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