A truck driver expenses worksheet is an effective tool for helping truck drivers systematically assess their tax write-offs and get the most out of their tax returns.

The complexity of tax laws can be daunting, but following an expenses worksheet can help tuck drivers streamline the tax preparation process.

Top 4 free truck driver expenses worksheets

Understanding which expenses can be deducted from taxes is fundamental for truck drivers to reduce their taxable income. Common tax deductible expenses include:

  • Fuel costs: The largest deductible for most truck drivers.

  • Maintenance and repairs: Necessary to keep the vehicle in safe working condition.

  • Meals and accommodation: While away from home on business.

  • Tolls and parking fees: Expenses incurred while on the road.

Worksheets like those listed here allow for a clear breakdown of deductible expenses, such as meals and accommodation, which are unique to the trucking industry.

Here are our top truck driver deductions spreadsheet picks that can guide drivers in identifying and documenting deductible items.

1. Trucker's income and expense worksheet

Trucker's income and expense worksheet

This template serves as a comprehensive tool for tracking expenses. It also includes truck driver tax deductions for an easy refresher to ensure you're getting all the deductions you can.

Sections include trucking business income, sale of machinery or equipment, car and truck expenses, equipment purchased, and a truck driver expenses spreadsheet on the last page.

👉 Direct download link

2. Transportation expense worksheet

Transportation expense worksheet

This is another straightforward truck driver expenses worksheet that truckers can download and fill out.

The sections include commissions and fees, insurance premiums, interest paid, legal and accounting, office expenses, truck maintenance, travel costs, and more.

👉 Direct download link

3. H&R Block's long haul/overnight truck driver deductions

H&R Block's long haul/overnight truck driver deductions

This worksheet for truck drivers was prepared by H&R Block. While it does not cover income, it does cover all the main deductions that an owner-operator truck driver and/or a trucking company incurs in the course of a year.

Some sections include supplies, dispatch and licensing fees, medical expenses, and other many other operating costs.

👉 Direct download link

4. Long haul trucker/OTR driver deductible expenses worksheet

Truck driver worksheet

Created by Trucking Careers of America, this worksheet is an extensive list of all the tax-deductible business expenses that truck drivers and trucking business owners are eligible for.

Sections include out-of-town travel expenses, miscellaneous expenses, supplies, owner-operated truck expenses, dues, fees, and subscriptions, etc.

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Expense tracking fundamentals for truckers

Effective expense tracking is critical for truck drivers' financial health. It ensures all costs are accounted for and can help identify potential areas for savings.

Point #1: Track accurately and often

Truck drivers must maintain accurate records of their expenses for several reasons.

Precise expense tracking enables them to understand their financial performance, make informed decisions about their business, and prepare for tax filings accurately.

Essential expenses typically include fuel, truck payments, insurance, and maintenance.

By scanning, categorizing, and recording each cost, drivers can ensure they are not missing out on important deductible expenses. This can have a significant impact come tax season.

Point #2: Use the right tools to help you track with confidence

Accurate records not only assist in maximizing tax returns but also serve as a financial compass. They guide drivers towards more profitable routes and spending habits.

Keeping track of trucking expenses should be an integral part of a trucker's routine.

The methods of tracking expenses vary from manual entries using spreadsheets to apps specifically developed for expense management for truckers.

Additionally, some drivers choose to outsource expense data entry to Shoeboxed, which helps truckers maximize tax deductions with the least amount of effort possible.

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Frequently asked questions

How do truck drivers track expenses?

Some truck drivers often use a trucking expenses spreadsheet to keep track of their weekly, monthly, and annual expenses. Other truckers choose to outsource receipt scanning and expense management to Shoeboxed.

What expenses should truck drivers record?

Truck drivers should meticulously record all costs related to their operations:

  • Fuel

  • Truck payments/lease

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Licenses and permits

  • Insurance

  • Meals and lodging on the road

  • Toll charges

How do you calculate trucking cost per mile?

To calculate cost per mile, divide monthly expenses by the number of miles traveled. For example, if a trucker spends $7,000 monthly and drives 20,000 miles, the cost per mile is $0.35.

Are there tools for receipt tracking while on the road?

Many truck drivers utilize services like Shoeboxed for receipt tracking, which can scan and organize receipts digitally, making it convenient for truckers who are constantly traveling.

In closing

By meticulously tracking expenses and using vehicle worksheets, drivers ensure they have detailed records that can aid in budgeting and deducting tax.

Leveraging digital tools, such as a trucking expenses spreadsheet, or outsourcing receipt scanning to Shoeboxed can simplify this process.

Tracking expenses also helps drivers analyze their spending patterns over time. This can lead to more informed decisions on where to cut costs or invest.

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