Simplify business expenses management for teams of any size

2-for-1: receipt scanning service + expense management platform
  • Outsource receipt scanning and manual data entry
  • Reduce expense fraud with our verification team
  • Filter data from several vantage points
  • Dashboard accessible via mobile app
  • Add an unlimited number of users
  • Create sub-accounts for teams/employees for expense privacy
Shoeboxed desktop app and envelope with receipts
Bosch Family Baking
"Bosch Bakery uses Shoeboxed’s Digital Only Professional Monthly plan to track expenses and manage receipts. Employees email receipts to a designated Shoeboxed email account each time they handle a business purchase. And Bosch Bakery gets a panoramic perspective of outflow that is always up to date."
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Bosch Family Baking Company Thousand Hills, California
“...better still is an app called Shoeboxed”
“If you’re looking for reliable storage for digital tax receipts, consider Shoeboxed.”
“Shoeboxed makes it stupid simple to scan receipts...”
Top 10 Most-Loved Features

Why choose Shoeboxed’s expense management software for teams?

Unlimited users for teams of any size
Create sub-accounts for teams/employees for added privacy of expenses
Create receipt category tags and rules based on project needs
Generate employee expense reports for reimbursing and managing expenses
Integrations with QuickBooks Online and other popular accounting software
Mail-in paper receipts to our scanning service to painlessly digitize piles of receipts
Digital archive of receipts prevents damage-related receipt loss
Receipt scans that meet tax audit requirements
Built-in expense reports feature reduces hours of tax prep
Unlimited online storage with all of Shoeboxed's plans
Top 3 Popular Use Cases

3 options for expense management for teams

Your business pays for a single Shoeboxed account, and all employees share the login or email receipts to the designated email address provided when you sign up to a Shoeboxed account.

Ideal for: Small businesses of 1-5 employees or team members.

Your business pays for a Shoeboxed account, and each internal team or employee is given a sub-account to group expenses. Employees or team members only have access to the expenses they need to see, and you control who is able to have full account access on the sub-accounts (i.e. bookkeeper, accounts payable, etc.)

Ideal for: Businesses of +5 individuals.

For larger businesses, or businesses with several locations, we advise purchasing a Shoeboxed account per location.

Ideal for: Enterprise businesses or businesses with several locations.

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Case study

How a Multi-Campus Church Reclaims 20 Hours a Month with the Shoeboxed App

"We set up a separate sub-account for each of his group's locations to guarantee that his team members only had access to the receipts that they needed to manage ... to ensure that Shoeboxed was the perfect fit for his receipt tracking needs, saving his organization valuable time and money."... Read more

Frequently asked questions

Shoeboxed provides multiple ways for employees to submit expenses to business owners or finance teams to get reimbursed.

  1. Have employees or team members use Shoeboxed’s pre-paid envelope service and let us scan receipts and take care of manual data entry for you!
  2. Additionally, employees can use Shoeboxed’s robust mobile app (available on the Apple store and Google Play) for receipt capture while on the go.
  3. Employees can also email receipts to a central Shoeboxed email address provided when you sign up for an account. Forwarded receipts will automatically appear in your Shoeboxed account.
  4. Employees can drag and drop e-receipts or images of receipts to the Shoeboxed account from a laptop or desktop.
  5. Team members can auto-import receipts with our custom Gmail plugin. The plugin finds e-receipts in your inbox and sends them to your Shoeboxed account.
  6. You can also create a sub-account for each employee or each location so employees only manage and have access to their own data.

The right expense management software includes management of receipts and can help you reduce expense fraud, provide reimbursement in a timely manner, do away with manual expense management, help with expense tracking and expense reporting, and so much more.

Here are features that the best business expenses management software will have:

  • Ability to create expense reports
  • Receipt capture with OCR technology
  • Travel-related expense tracking features such as the ability to track mileage
  • Multi-user friendly (for easy access by finance teams, accountants, etc.)
  • Permissions around account visibility
  • Integrations with popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online
  • bility to track by project or expense type

Yes! Please book a demo call so we can better understand your needs.

Yes! Each sub-account has the ability to create a custom set of categories specific to their needs.

Our standout receipt scanner feature is that we will scan physical receipts on your behalf. Simply send your receipts to our processing facility in a prepaid envelope, and we do the rest. Your receipts will be OCR (optical character recognition) scanned, the data will be extracted and human-verified, and uploaded to your account—without you having to do any of the data entry. If you’ve been looking for a receipt scanner for business owners, but don’t want to purchase a machine, Shoeboxed might be a good fit for you.

Shoeboxed’s receipt scanning app and service integrate with a wide range of accounting software, including Quickbooks Online. For a full list of accounting software integrations, go here.

“You have the best customer service of any product or service that I’ve used in as long as I can remember.”
Karl Isaac Fractional Chief Brand and Marketing Officer
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