Managing a lawn care business involves more than tending to grass and creating beautiful landscapes. It also requires careful financial planning and tracking.

A lawn care business expenses spreadsheet is an indispensable tool for business owners aiming to maintain a clear overview of their expenses.

Why track lawn care expenses?

Meticulous expense tracking aids in identifying areas for cost reduction, ensuring landscaping profit.

An effectively designed expenses spreadsheet captures costs such as technician labor, equipment maintenance, marketing strategies, and travel expenses. It allows owners to allocate funds efficiently, ensuring that each dollar spent contributes to the growth and sustainability of the business.

The information from these financial records is also crucial for tax purposes, where proper documentation can lead to maximized deductions.

Top 5 free lawn care business expenses spreadsheet templates

These free spreadsheet templates help lawn care businesses monitor various business costs efficiently, contributing to more effective financial management.

1. Yottled's Lawn Care Business Expenses Spreadsheet

Yottled's Lawn Care Business Expenses Spreadsheet

Yottled's expense sheet is geared toward streamlining financial analysis for lawn care businesses.

The spreadsheet helps businesses maintain a healthy margin by tracking material, labor, and other direct costs, such as vehicle maintenance and uniforms.

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2. FPPT's Lawn & Garden Expense Template for Excel

FPPT's Lawn & Garden Expense Template for Excel

The Lawn & Garden Expense Template for Excel from simplifies the process of tracking day-to-day financial transactions.

Lawn care professionals can easily input their expenses related to gardening and lawn mowing jobs, making it more straightforward to overview spending and profits.

👉 Direct download link

3. Tax Office Inc. Landscaper or Gardener Income Expense Worksheet

Tax Office Inc. Landscaper or Gardener Income Expense Worksheet

The Tax Office Inc. has created the Landscaper or Gardener Income Expense Worksheet suitable for individual landscapers or small businesses.

This worksheet assists in the categorization of income and expenses for clear visibility of financial standing.

👉 Direct download link

4. Template Republic Garden Expense Budget Worksheet

 Template Republic Garden Expense Budget Worksheet

Template Republic has created the Garden Expense Budget Worksheet.

This template is created for financial planning and tracking of a garden's yearly expenses and maintenance costs, purchases of garden plants, etc.

👉 Direct download link

5. Shoeboxed, a receipt scanning service for lawn care professionals

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How to create a lawn care business expenses spreadsheet

To craft an optimal expenses spreadsheet, lawn care entrepreneurs must consider including categories that reflect the unique aspects of their operation.

While some businesses might prioritize tracking fuel and vehicle upkeep, others may focus on the cost of lawn care products and employee uniforms.

By tailoring the spreadsheet to their business needs, owners can gain precise insights into their financial performance and make informed decisions that propel their business forward.

Start by listing all expenses, which typically include:

  • Supplies: Fertilizers, seeds, pesticides

  • Equipment: Mowers, trimmers, blowers

  • Labor: Employee wages, contractor fees

  • Overhead: Insurance, utilities, office supplies

Consider categorizing expenses as either recurring (regularly occurring) or one-time purchases.

Expense Category



Amount ($)

















After listing and categorizing expenses, one should input them into a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or specialized lawn care business software. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Open your chosen software and create a new spreadsheet.

  2. Label columns with headers such as 'Expense Category,' 'Description,' 'Recurring?' and 'Amount.'

  3. Enter all expenses, with each expense on a new row.

  4. Calculate totals for each category to monitor spending.

  5. Regularly update the spreadsheet as new expenses occur or prices change.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a lawn care business expenses spreadsheet?

A lawn care business expenses spreadsheet is a tool for tracking and analyzing operational costs. By categorizing and inputting expenses, businesses can monitor their financial health and make informed decisions.

How does one use an expense spreadsheet for a lawn care business?

Expense spreadsheets should regularly record all business-related expenses, such as equipment purchases, fuel, labor, and marketing costs, helping track cash flow and identifying areas where costs may be reduced or investments increased.

Can an expense spreadsheet help in tax preparation?

A well-maintained expenses spreadsheet is a comprehensive record, making it easier for owner-operators to file taxes accurately and identify deductible business expenses.

Are there templates available for a lawn care business expenses spreadsheet?

Check out the free templates in this article that can be downloaded and adjusted according to their unique business needs.

Why is it important to categorize expenses in the spreadsheet?

Categorizing expenses allows lawn care service providers to see exactly where money is being spent, which can illuminate potential areas for cost savings or highlight successful investments in their business.

What common expenses should be included in a lawn care business expenses spreadsheet?

Typical expenses include:

  • Equipment purchase and maintenance

  • Fuel for lawn care machinery

  • Labor costs

  • Marketing and advertising expenses

  • Insurance premiums

  • Office supplies and software

In closing

A well-organized lawn care business expenses spreadsheet is a crucial tool, assisting owners in identifying cost trends, optimizing resource allocation, and informing strategic decisions.

Key components to track include:

  • Equipment costs: Maintenance and purchase of mowers, trimmers, and other tools.

  • Employee wages: Compensation for labor, including overtime and bonuses.

  • Operational expenses: Fuel, vehicle maintenance, and insurance.

  • Marketing investments: Advertising and promotional activities to increase clients and improve customer satisfaction.

By actively using spreadsheets or receipt management software, businesses can maintain a thorough record of transactions, providing a complete view of their financial health.

Remember to update the spreadsheet regularly and consider integrating data from various sources, such as receipts or accounting software, to ensure accuracy.

Tomoko Matsuoka is managing editor for Shoeboxed, MailMate, and other online resource libraries. She covers small business tips, organization hacks, and productivity tools and software.

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