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Hannah DeMoss is a staff writer for Shoeboxed covering organization and digitization tips for small business owners. Her favorite organization hack is labeling everything in her kitchen cabinets, and she can’t live without her mini label maker machine.

Small Business Tips - March 4th, 2024

Staples Scanning Guide: Cost, Other Services, Alternatives
We discuss Staples' Business Center, including how much services cost, how to use them, and why Shoeboxed is the better alternative.

Organization Ideas - February 28th, 2024

6 Best Portable Scanner Options for Offices on the Go
Portable scanners are a convenient way to digitize documents no matter where you're working. Get reviews of the best portable scanner options in this guide!

Small Business Tips - February 27th, 2024

Bulk Document Scanning: Benefits, Services, and FAQs
We cover what businesses need to know about bulk document scanning and how Shoeboxed can help.

Personal Finance - February 16th, 2024

What a Gift Receipt Is and How They Work (Guide for 2024)
Learn all you need to know about gift receipts, including how Shoeboxed can automate gift receipt management.

Accounting & Finance - February 16th, 2024

QuickBooks Receipt Management Review Compared to Shoeboxed
A complete review of QuickBooks’ receipt management and how it compares to Shoeboxed.

Personal Finance - February 15th, 2024

Why You Should Be Saving Receipts (4 Best Ways to Do It)
Learn why saving receipts is important for tax season and how Shoeboxed can help!
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