For many businesses, handling large volumes of documents, storing paper trails of every transaction, and filing years' worth of records are all just part of the job.

Bulk document scanning puts physical documents in digital format so companies can downsize their paper files and access their digital documents with ease.

Here, we'll cover what businesses need to know about bulk document scanning, including how to do it, the benefits of electronic documents, and the best outsourcing services.

What is batch scanning documents?

Bulk document scanning, or batch scanning, is the process by which you scan a large volume of documents at once.

Bulk scanning equipment turns scanned images into digital files and then separates the physical documents back out based on the following:

  • Page number.

  • Page count.

  • Barcodes.

The bulk document scanning process works best for businesses with physical records they want to turn into digital files or those handling large volumes of paper documents each day (such as forms or mail).

Scanning individual documents can become impossible in busy workplaces, making bulk scanning documents an efficient document management system.

What are the benefits of bulk scanning?

Bring your document management into the digital age with bulk scanning.

Bring your document management into the digital age with bulk scanning.

If your company is thinking of using bulk scanning to digitize business documents, here are some benefits that may reinforce the decision to switch.

1. Save time

Bulk scanning is an immense time-saver for those in the healthcare industry, project management, law, or any other paper-centric profession.

The bulk scanning process saves time digitizing documents since scanning is done in batches.

Bulk scanning also reduces the time you spend looking for a particular document since all your scanned documents will be easily accessible and searchable in digital files.

2. Reduce paper clutter

The most obvious benefit of bulk scanning paper documents is that you'll cut down on the clutter in your office, files, or records.

Document scanning assists companies in converting physical documents into digital format to reduce manual data entry and streamline business processes.

3. Digital storage

You risk losing the original paper documents and compromising data security when keeping paper records.

Scanned documents protect sensitive data, as they are less likely to be misplaced or destroyed in a natural disaster, providing digital files to fall back on.

4. Document sharing

Sharing paper documents across various departments can be a hassle, especially if that means making dozens of copies.

Digital documents are much easier to access and distribute across the office since you'll always have the updated document stored in your digital records and can send them to colleagues via email or shared drive.

What are the best document scanning services?

Document scanning services allow your business to outsource its bulk scanning project to a professional document-scanning company.

Ditch the filing cabinets and opt for these bulk scanning services instead:

1. Shoeboxed’s Magic Envelope service - Best overall


Outsource receipt and document scanning with the Magic Envelope.

Shoeboxed is a receipt-scanning app and document management service that turns paperwork into digital data.

With Shoeboxed, you can easily organize and send scanned documents via email.

Shoeboxed's Magic Envelope service lets businesses outsource their document management to maximize cost savings and productivity!

Here's how it works:

a. Mail your documents

When you sign up for a plan that includes the Magic Envelope, Shoeboxed will mail you a pre-paid envelope each month to send your business receipts and documents in.

If you have a backlog of records you want turned into digitized files, just mail a box! You can tape the Magic Envelope to the lid and Shoeboxed will cover the postage for you.

b. Turn documents into digital data

Once your documents arrive at the scanning facility, they’re scanned, human-verified, and categorized into your Shoeboxed account.

NOTE: Shoeboxed cannot process documents wider than a normal sheet of paper or longer than 3 feet.

c. Get notified

Shoeboxed will send you an email notification once your documents are digitized, uploaded, and accessible from your account.

All of your digital files will be accessible from the Shoeboxed mobile app and the online web dashboard, giving you the freedom to open, share, or manage digital documents on the go.

d. Receive or shred hard copies

After uploading the digital copies to your account, Shoeboxed will mail the hard copies back to you. You can also choose to have them shredded and recycled at the scanning facility.

If you choose to shred, Shoeboxed will store the scanned files for up to 30 days in case you change your mind.

How much does Shoeboxed charge to scan documents?

Shoeboxed offers three plans that include the Magic Envelope for outsourcing receipt and document scanning, two of which are designed for businesses.

  • Shoeboxed's Professional plan is ideal for small businesses and starts at $36/month.

  • Businesses experiencing high volumes will benefit from Shoeboxed's Business plan, starting at $54/month.

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2. FedEx Office - Best for in-person scanning

You can scan documents at FedEx Office locations near you.

Your local FedEx Office will have a self-service scanning station that you can use to scan and email or upload your documents to a flash drive or the Cloud.

All you have to do is organize your paper documents, find the scanning station, and start digitizing your documents. If you're unsure how to use the scanner, you can ask an employee for help.

This is a good option for in-person scanning and can help you get caught up if you have a backlog of documents to digitize and no in-house scanner.

You can even opt for FedEx to shred the paper documents after they're digitized, though this is an additional charge.

How much does FedEx charge to scan documents?

Papers with standard dimensions will cost around $0.49 per page to scan. Depending on the location, larger documents can cost up to $9.99 per document.

3. Scanning America - Most varied service

Scanning America homepage

Scanning America homepage.

Scanning America is a document imaging service that has offered various services related to document scanning and management for over 30 years.

Scanning America offers document conversion, document scanning, microfilm and microfiche scanning, large format and map scanning, indexing, photos, book digitization, and more.

This wide array of services provides large corporations with the opportunity to have all of their needs met, comfortably grow, and create an efficient document management system.

How much does Scanning America charge to scan documents?

Scanning America bases its prices on a project-by-project basis. Contact Scanning America for a quote.

4. Access Scanning - Best for sensitive information

Access Scanning offers bulk scanning and imaging services and can handle every size of digital conversion.

If your business handles confidential information that requires enhanced security, Access Scanning is one of the top solutions.

This service takes advanced measures to ensure the confidentiality of documents, only allowing viewing and handling access to authorized personnel and even locking your project's documents in separate cages in the facility.

Access Scanning is also ideal for older or worn documents, as these documents are carefully repaired and prepared for high-quality scanning and digital preservation.

How much does Access Scanning charge to scan documents?

There's no set price for scanning your documents with Access Scanning. Pricing depends on the size of the order, so you'll have to contact Access Scanning for a quote.

5. SecureScan - Best for local companies

Secure Scan homepage

SecureScan homepage.

SecureScan is a pick-up bulk document scanning service.

When you opt for this service, SecureScan will pick up the documents from your location and pack them, if needed. Once they arrive at the scanning facility, the documents are prepared for scanning, scanned, and then undergo quality control.

All digital documents are indexed by name, ID, number, or other identifier for text-search functionality and then delivered back to you via FTP, encrypted USB drive, or uploaded to a document management system.

Currently, SecureScan's bulk scanning services primarily operate in states located in the NorthEast, with one Georgia location.

See if there's a local SecureScan near you:

  • Albany, NY

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Boston, MA

  • Bridgeport, CT

  • Concord, NH

  • Hartford, CT

  • Kingston, NY

  • Long Island, NY

  • New York, NY

  • Newark, NJ

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • Providence, RI

  • Scranton, PA

  • Syracuse, NY

How much does SecureScan charge to scan documents?

Regular paper scanning will cost between $0.07 to $.0.12 per page.

Why hire a bulk scanning service?

When it comes to digitizing boxes of documents, hiring a bulk scanning service can save you time, money, and frustration.

When it comes to digitizing boxes of documents, hiring a bulk scanning service can save you time, money, and frustration.

Why go through the hassle of digitizing documents in-house when you can outsource your document scanning project?

Here's why you should consider hiring a bulk scanning service:

1. You'll save money

Regardless of document types, bulk document scanning requires high-speed scanners with optical character recognition so you can easily file and locate your digital documents.

If you want to do bulk scanning in-house, you'll need to purchase the equipment and compatible software (and maybe even hire employees to oversee bulk scanning documents).

Not to mention, as your business grows, so will your scanning needs. DIY bulk document scanning can quickly get out of hand in a rapidly evolving environment.

2. They have the equipment

A document scanning company already has the equipment to complete your bulk scanning project and ensure that every scanned document is scanned accurately with the highest image quality to prevent data loss and protect sensitive information.

By outsourcing your scanning project to these secure facilities, you can ensure your digitized documents are accurate and accessible.

3. They have the experience

These services live and breathe converting large volumes of paper records into electronic files.

Instead of buying the scanners, navigating scanner settings, and trying to figure out an efficient scanning process, your company can outsource document digitization and management to professionals.

Digital conversion projects that take businesses months to complete can be processed by services, like Shoeboxed, in just a few days, saving time, money, and frustration.

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4. You can access your documents in one place

If you have a backlog of receipts or documents, scanning services, like Shoeboxed, can turn your paper documents into text-searchable digital data for more efficient file management.

PRO TIP: Access all of your business cards, receipts, and other important documents right from your phone or computer with the Shoeboxed mobile app and web dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

How do I scan a lot of documents at once?

Bulk scanning equipment speeds up the scanning process by allowing you to scan multiple documents at once. You can also outsource your document scanning to a professional scanning facility, like Shoeboxed, and forego digitizing documents altogether.

Where can I scan hundreds of pages?

Visit your local FedEx Office to bulk-scan regular and oversized documents. You can also outsource your document scanning to services like Shoeboxed, Scanning America, or SecureScan for a more efficient digitization process.

In conclusion

Bulk document scanning is the process of digitizing high volumes of paper documents—and it doesn't have to be complicated.

With document scanning services, like Shoeboxed, your company can efficiently manage documents, free up storage space at the office, and ensure business continuity. 

Hannah DeMoss is a staff writer for Shoeboxed covering organization and digitization tips for small business owners. Her favorite organization hack is labeling everything in her kitchen cabinets, and she can’t live without her mini label maker machine.

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