If you haven’t heard of a QR code receipt before, you’re not alone.

QR code receipts are digital, quick, and convenient, making them great alternatives to paper receipts. 

This short guide will cover everything you need to know about QR code receipts!

What is a QR code?

First, let's define what a QR code is so that you can decide whether to create a QR code for your business.

QR code stands for “quick response.” 

When the QR code gets scanned, the user can access the information embedded in the code almost instantly (hence the name).

QR codes are a convenient way to access a website, social media page, or other online destination since they don’t require the user to type the full web address. They have become integral to modern marketing strategies, seamlessly connecting the physical and digital worlds for users.

In a survey of US shoppers, 45% have used marketing-related QR codes. 

These codes allow customers to use their smartphone camera to scan the code and be redirected to the website. 

QR codes also simplify transactions, reduce paper waste, and make it easier for customers to keep track of their spending.

What is a QR code receipt?

There are 2 ways you might get a QR code receipt:

  • By paying through a QR code

  • By receiving a paper receipt with a printed QR code on it

Let’s explore these in more detail below.

1. After paying via a QR code, you get a QR code receipt

A QR code receipt can be an e-receipt that’s received after a QR code payment.

About two-thirds of global users agree that QR codes are easy to use, and in some parts of the world, QR code payments are possible with a company such as PayPay and WeChat Payment.

Paying via QR code with PayPay

Paying via QR code with PayPay

After the payment, you’ll either get a digital receipt of the transaction, or it will be saved in your history.

2. You get a paper receipt with a QR code on it

The QR codes on receipts can send the user to various websites and forms, such as the following:

  • The store’s website

  • An app to download

  • A customer feedback form

  • Coupon code

Walmart’s QR code to sign-up as a Walmart membership, Reddit

Walmart’s QR code to sign-up as a Walmart membership, Reddit

Some stores will also have a QR code for you to scan with their app to save your receipt digitally.

A printed receipt with a QR code to scan to save it into your Walmart app account, How To Geek

A printed receipt with a QR code to scan to save it into your Walmart app account, How To Geek

How does a QR code receipt work?

Most businesses have unique QR codes for their services. 

When these codes get scanned via QR code scanner, and after making the QR code payment, your transaction will be saved on the account (PayPal, Venmo, PayPay, WeChat, etc.).

You can log in to your account and get information such as the date, time, amount, and merchant details of your purchase.

You can also save the receipt information with the QR codes. 

Larger stores such as Walmart and Target will have QR codes on their receipt for you to scan with their respective apps.

This allows you to save a digital copy of the recent purchase in your account. It can be useful if you’re a frequent shopper at one of these stores or if you lost a receipt.

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What are the pros and cons of using QR code receipts?


1. Helps you go paperless

Shopping with your smartphone eliminates the need for paper receipts and reduces environmental waste.

With QR code receipts, your transaction is automatically saved to your account, helping you go paperless at the store.

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2. QR code receipts are convenient

Cash is slowly transitioning out as a payment option. 

Why carry a wad of cash around when you have a card and phone to make paperless payments?

About 46% of Americans say they don’t worry about cash since there are other ways to pay, such as credit cards, debit cards, and now QR code payments. 

3. These receipts are cost-effective for businesses

For business, going paperless with a QR code receipt allows you to save money on receipt rolls and receipt machines.

Additionally, with a QR code, it’s easier to track sales and improve record-keeping.


1. There may be technical issues

There could be many technical issues when using a QR code.

You need internet access to scan the code, load the page, and make the payment. 

Without wifi or data, customers will be unable to pay.

Other technical issues include the payment not going through or being able to scan the code.

If the customer cannot scan the QR code, they will not be able to make a payment or save the receipt, making it an inconvenience for both parties.

2. Some QR codes may not be secure

While QR codes can be secure, there is always a risk of fraud or hacking. 

Hackers can create fake QR codes to redirect payments to their accounts, so users need to be cautious and ensure they’re scanning legitimate QR codes.

How do you save QR code receipts?

When a payment is made via QR code, a receipt with either be sent to the customer’s email or mobile device or the payment platform will automatically generate a transaction receipt and save it to your account. 

To see your receipt, all you should have to do is log into your account’s purchase history.

Using Shoeboxed to organize QR code receipts

Using a receipt management software, like Shoeboxed, can help you organize your QR code receipts. 

With Shoeboxed, users can scan and upload their receipts, which are then automatically sorted and organized into a digital database.

Since QR code receipts are digital, all you have to do is send the digital receipt to your Shoeboxed email, and the receipt’s information will be added to your Shoeboxed account.

Should your business have a QR code to scan?

Whether your business should have a QR code for payments (or otherwise) depends on your business’s goals and customer base.

Having QR codes for your business allows new and existing customers to access information such as promotions and other resources in seconds. 

Though many—if not most—businesses are using QR codes, these codes can be fruitless if there’s no clear use for them or if your target customers are not likely to be familiar with QR codes, such as the elderly.

That said, QR codes can make payments more versatile and simpler for younger or more tech-savvy clientele. You can start creating QR codes through this free QR code generator.

If you’re looking for ways to implement QR codes into your business, check out this video showing how to set up QR code payments with PayPal:

How to set up a QR code payment with Paypal

In closing

QR code receipts are digital receipts that customers receive after making a payment via QR codes. 

QR code receipts can also be paper receipts that have QR codes printed on them. 

These codes typically redirect customers to special deals, the store’s website, mobile app, or another online destinations. 

Whichever type of QR code receipt you were curious about, one thing is for sure: QR codes for payments are revolutionizing the world of consumerism and are here to stay.

Tammy Dang is a staff writer for Shoeboxed covering productivity, organization, and digitization how-to guides for the home and office. Her favorite organization tip is “1-in-1-out.” And her favorite app for managing articles and deadlines is Monday.com. 

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