Have a lost receipt? Perhaps you have misplaced it somewhere? Don’t worry; we got the answers and a solution for you.

Shoeboxed, the #1 receipt scanner app, covers how to get a lost receipt from Lowes, Walmart, and other stores, as well as show you a popular method for keeping track of your purchases.

How do you get a lost receipt reissued?

For any lost receipts, the easiest way is to go to the original place of purchase. Most stores can look up your purchase and print you a new receipt if your method of payment was a credit or debit card.  

Quite often, stores can print customers a new receipt because they keep a record or copy of the purchase in their system. However, it is recommended that you contact the store to see if reprinting a new receipt is possible.

If an item was paid in cash, locating your receipt on the store’s system will be difficult because there is no proof of identification of the purchase. When you pay with a card, the last four digits are recorded. You can bring that card back to the store as that will serve as proof that you made the purchase. Unlike using a card, there’s no connection between you and the cash you paid with. 

So, when making a purchase with cash, make sure you don’t lose the receipt or use a receipt tracking app to keep track of it. 

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Can I return a product without a receipt?

It depends on the store. You are required to show your receipt when you make a return or an exchange because receipts serve as proof that you purchased your item at the store.

If your method of payment was with a card and you are trying to return an item according to the store’s return policy, the store might be able to find your purchase within its system. You should explain the situation so that the staff can try to look up your purchase in their system. 

If the staff is able to find your purchase, you might have to show some form of identification to return your item without a receipt.

How to track a package if you lost the receipt

There are a couple of ways to track your package without a receipt. 

First, if you are the sender, you can contact the recipient if the package arrives. Asking is one of the simplest ways to know if the package was delivered without needing to track it.

If you are the receiver, you should contact the courier company if the package hasn’t arrived yet. The company could give you information about your package if you give them details.

Sometimes, you can check the confirmation email that the store sent to you. It should have the tracking number.

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How to get a lost receipt from a store

Each store or department has its own way of searching for lost receipts. We will break down the most common stores.

1. Lowe’s

The following is Lowe’s policy for returns without a receipt.

Lowe’s return policy without a receipt

Lowe’s return policy without a receipt

Depending on how long ago the purchase was, they can find the purchase in their system if you used a card.

Here is a tip: if Lowe’s is your go-to home improvement store, use their MyLowe’s card or have a Pro account so you can keep your receipts digitally on your account for many years.

2. Home Depot

According to Home Depot’s return policy, they might be able to locate your receipt if the purchase was with a credit or debit card and within 30 days of the purchase date. 

If you have their Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or The Home Depot Commercial Account, they can locate any of your receipts within 365 days of the purchase.

Here is Home Depot’s return policy link for more information.

3. Walmart

You can look up a lost Walmart receipt through their website:

Walmart receipt lookup system

Walmart receipt lookup system

To find a lost Walmart receipt, input your Walmart store location, the purchase date, the type of card you used, the last four digits of the card, and the total amount spent. Afterward, you can view and download a copy of the receipt. Walmart’s receipt lookup system only works if your method of payment was with a card.

If you have used cash for the purchase, then you need to contact Walmart’s customer service to locate your purchase. It would be best if you went to the physical store where you purchased your item for their customer service. 

If you have a Walmart account, your purchases and the payment method are automatically saved in your account. To find it, go into your history to view your purchase receipt.

4. Target

Like the above-mentioned stores, Target staff can try to look up your Target receipt. You should bring your item along with your payment method. At the Guest Service counter, the staff will help you out. 

For any online purchases at Target, you may need to refer to your order’s delivery and shipping information. 

If you have a Target account, there might be a barcode related to your purchase. You can show that barcode to the staff. Read more about Target’s return policy and making a return or exchange without a receipt.


If you lost your USPS receipt, that also means you’ve lost your tracking number. 

Unfortunately, USPS does not have a way to reissue you a receipt. That also means they cannot locate your item’s tracking number. Here are a few things you can do to find your USPS tracking number.

You should have received a mail receipt at the post office. There, you can find your lost USPS tracking number. 

Another way is to use an email confirmation to find your tracking number. If you bought something online and they use USPS for delivery, you should have received a confirmation email from the store. You can check the tracking number there. If not, you can contact the store and give them your information, and they should be able to give you your tracking number.

In all other cases, it is best to wait for the package delivered. There’s a chance your package did not get lost in transit and will arrive safely at its destination.

6. Zara

In order to exchange or return something bought from one of Zara’s shops, you have to have the physical sales receipt with you.

You can also show the receipt through your ZARA QR code (this option is only available for returns).

7. Hobby Lobby

Got a Hobby Lobby lost receipt? Even without a Hobby Lobby receipt, you have options for some sort of refund.

Hobby Lobby can usually provide store credit, based on the item’s lowest selling price within the last 60 days, provided it is still in a sellable condition. It is important to be aware that Hobby Lobby keeps records of all non-receipt returns, and if you abuse this policy you may be denied any further returns.

When returning an item without a receipt, you will likely need to provide a valid form of identification.

8. H&M

H&M lost receipt and want to return your item? You’re in luck.

Items returned without a receipt can be exchanged at either the last Activity/Sale price or the current selling price, whichever is lower. However, keep in mind H&M reserves the right to refuse excessive returns with or without a receipt.

Purchases made in US stores may be returned to any other US store, excluding Puerto Rico, with an even exchange. Purchases made in Puerto Rico cannot be returned to stores outside of Puerto Rico. For any other inquiries, please contact Customer Service.

9. Costco

Costco receipt lost? Costco has a robust 100% satisfaction guarantee, so even if you have lost your Costco receipt, there’s a good chance you can get a refund.

Their website states that a receipt is not always required in order to make a return.

You should keep in mind, however, that certain items may need to be returned within 90 days for a full refund.

For returns at a Costco store, please head to the returns counter. For items purchased online, you can return them at any Costco warehouse, or through Costco.com.

10. Marshalls

Have a Marshalls lost receipt and want to get your money back?

If you can’t find your Marshalls receipt, their website states that you can make a return without a receipt and receive merchandise credit.

This credit is subject to Terms and Conditions and may include restrictions on transfers.

Note: Any merchandise that has been used, worn, or is in an unsellable condition cannot be accepted for refund, merchandise credit, or exchange. In order to limit fraudulent activities, Marshalls reserves the right to decline any return without a receipt on a case-by-case basis.

11. CVS

According to CVS’s help page, if you return an item without a receipt, you can exchange it for the same item, or you can have the cash amount refunded as a store credit.

However, this policy varies store-to-store and any returns that lack proof of purchase can be denied. 

If you are enrolled in their ExtraCare rewards program account, then there is a possibility that your purchase was saved on that account. 

12. Ikea

Lost your Ikea receipt? In order to return an item, you will need proof of purchase. If you used a card to purchase an Ikea item, Ikea can look up the transaction in their system along with the store location, approximate purchase date, and transaction amount. 

Visit their customer service center for more information. 

13. JCPenney

According to their customer return service, you might be eligible for a JCPenney Merchandise Return Voucher. This voucher can be used within 45 days of the purchase date at the item’s lowest selling price. 

Additionally, you will need to bring a valid photo id for any non-receipted returns or exchanges.

14. Kroger

If you have a membership account with Kroger, you can go into your purchase history and select past purchases to see your receipt. Additionally, you can go ask one of the employees to look up your purchase with the rewards card.

If you don’t have a membership, there is a possibility that the store can look up your receipt. In one of the Kroger forums, someone suggests that you give your information such as the last 4 digits of the credit card, purchase date, and location.

15. Party City

According to Party City’s Return Policy, you would need the original receipt to make any returns, and the item must be in the original packaging. 

The return policy does not mention what to do in case of a lost receipt for Party City. So, it is recommended that you call your Party City store and ask if it’s possible to look up your purchase and have a new receipt printed.

16. Dollar General

If you lost your Dollar General receipts, you can go to the store where they can exchange the product for equal value or give you store credit in the form of a gift card. But to get a refund, you would need the original receipt.

Additionally, you can create an account with Dollar General so that your future receipts will be digitized. With an account, you can look up your Dollar General receipts and make returns and exchanges when needed.

17. Ace Hardware Store

You can contact the store where you made your purchase, and it’s possible they can give you a replacement receipt. If you made a purchase with a credit card or have an Ace Rewards membership, there’s a higher chance of finding your purchase.

If they find your purchase, you can make the return with the receipt. If not, then their policy states that they will give you an Ace Hardware gift card based on the product’s lowest selling price.

For any refunds without a receipt, you need to present a valid driver’s license or other forms of ID.

18. Tractor Supply

If you lost your receipt, Tractor Supply can give you a copy of your receipt to make a return. There are three options here.

First, if you are part of the Tractor Supply Neighbor’s Club rewards program, your purchases are connected to your phone number. So you can call customer service or your local store, give them your number, and they can easily find your purchase and reprint a Tractor Supply receipt.

Second, if the purchase was made at your local store, you need the store manager’s approval. Then you would need to show your ID to make any returns without a receipt.

Third, if it was an online purchase, your order confirmation or shipping confirmation email will be your proof of purchase.

Additionally, you can contact the Tractor Supply Customer Solution Center for more receipt specific related questions.

19. Ross

Call your local Ross store to see if they can look up the purchase if it was made with a credit card.

If not and you need to make a return without a receipt, you need to show a valid ID. And if it is approved by their refund system, then you will be refunded in store credit or have it exchanged for an item with a similar price.

20. Rural King

Call your local store or customer service to see if they can help.

To look up your receipt for Rural King, provide them with as much information as you can so they can search for it in their system.

If you need to make a return but don’t have the receipt, then you can return the item by showing your Driver’s License or State ID first. Then store credit or a gift will be given of equal or lesser value for the item you returned.

Use a receipt tracking app to manage your receipts

According to GreenAmerica, more than 37% of customers throw away or lose their receipts. If you keep losing your receipts, consider using a receipt-scanning app. There are plenty on the market, such as Rydoo, Neat, Dext, Wellybox, and Shoeboxed.

With Shoeboxed, you can store and keep track of your receipts on the go and avoid the hassle and stress of not being able to find receipts for items you’ve purchased and want to return. 

After scanning your receipts with the Shoeboxed app, you can easily search for them and pull them up on your phone in case you want to make a return or exchange. Other app features include creating weekly or monthly reports and downloading them as a pdf.

Taking a photo with the Shoeboxed mobile app

Taking a photo with the Shoeboxed mobile app

For small business owners, you can use Shoeboxed’s Magic Envelope service. The Magic Envelope is extremely convenient, where you can send all your receipts and other business expenses in a prepaid envelope to Shoeboxed’s processing facility. Then, all your receipts will be in your Shoeboxed account. There, you can organize and manage your receipts and other expenses.

How to scan receipts with a receipt scanning service

Additionally, importing e-receipts to your Shoeboxed account is as easy as syncing your Gmail with Shoeboxed, using Shoeboxed's special Gmail Receipt Sync feature.

Shoeboxed’s Gmail Receipt Sync grabs all receipt emails and sends them to your account for automatic processing! These receipts are then labeled as Sent to Shoeboxed in your Gmail inbox.

In short, Shoeboxed pulls the receipt data from your email, including the vendor, purchase date, currency, total, and payment type, and organizes it in your account.

Your purchases will even come with images of the receipts attached!

Shoeboxed is the only receipt scanner app that will handle both your paper receipts and your digital receipts—saving customers up to 9.2 hours per week from manual data entry!

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Frequently asked questions

The main issue is that paying with cash does not provide proof of purchase. Using a card allows the staff to check your name on the card along with some form of identification. So paying with  cash makes it difficult in the event that you lost your receipt and must verify you are the purchaser of a certain item.

Can I exchange an item without a receipt?

Yes. Most stores will allow you to make an exchange without a receipt by giving you store credit or a gift card, which you can use immediately. However, each store has their own conditions and restrictions for exchanges and returns. So, it’s always best to check the store’s return policy or contact their customer support to know the requirements.

Can stores reprint receipts?

In many cases, stores can reprint receipts for customers who have lost or misplaced them. However, that depends on the store’s policy and receipt system. So it would be best to call your local store to see if reprinting receipts is possible.

In closing

Use these tips to help you find your lost receipt or tracking number. 

To avoid having any more lost receipts, consider using an app to manage your receipts and take pictures of them the moment they are handed to you.

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