The advent of specialized smartphone applications has marked a significant shift in how construction projects are managed.

The apps listed in this article cater to various aspects of construction work, from project management tools to expense tracking for construction professionals to on-site calculations.

Read on for the best apps for construction managers, specialty contractors, construction workers, and those who need to work frequently at job sites.

The right apps can transform the workflow and productivity of general contractors. They offer solutions for project management, documentation, and on-site coordination. Explore these top recommended apps to find tools tailored to the unique needs of the construction industry.

1. Buildertrend—construction project management

Buildertrend website

Buildertrend website

Buildertrend is a renowned construction project management app. General contractors appreciate its scheduling, project tracking, and customer management capabilities, all within a single platform.

Based on the reviews provided, here's a summary of the pros and cons of Buildertrend:


  • Offers an array of tools for a systematic building process, including a documents folder for all project drawings and specifications.

  • Integration with Xero.

  • Streamlines communication with trade specialists, helping them get paid on time.

  • Excellent for organizing multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Job costing capabilities are highly praised.

  • The ability to send bills directly from Buildertrend is a significant advantage.


  • Lack of autosave for to-do lists and the daily log, leading to data loss if the program is accidentally closed.

  • Difficulty in getting subcontractors to use the platform.

  • Tradespeople find it challenging to use on their phones, impacting usability in the field.

Price starts at $199 per month

2. CoConstruct—construction management software

CoConstruct website

Coconstruct website

CoConstruct stands out for its user-friendly design and functionality, allowing contractors to coordinate operations with clients and crew, managing everything from budgeting for job site expenses to communication on project progress.


  • The software significantly enhances the ability to track and manage changes and decisions, which is crucial for project management efficiency.

  • CoConstruct is noted for continuously adding new features and improving existing ones, showing a commitment to evolving according to user needs and technological advancements.

  • Users have highlighted the excellence of the support team, which is a vital aspect of user satisfaction, especially when dealing with complex software.

  • There is an ongoing effort to make the software more user-friendly for construction companies, which can contribute to a more intuitive and efficient workflow.


  • Some users have experienced difficulties with document management.

  • There's a concern about the software potentially creating more places for duplicate entries, which can lead to inefficiencies or errors.

  • The dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the software, such as document management, has led some users to consider alternatives.

Price starts at $349

3. Shoeboxed—construction expense management

Shoeboxed's official homepage

Shoeboxed official website

For general contractors seeking an efficient way to handle receipts and expense tracking, Shoeboxed is the answer. It simplifies accounting by digitizing receipts and automatically entering data for easy organization and retrieval.

Users send in their physical receipts for scanning, and the Shoeboxed team scans, uploads, extracts and categorizes expense data into your account. You can then quickly make expense reports or share access to your account with your accounting team.

  • Users find Shoeboxed an excellent solution for storing receipts and tracking expenses, especially for tax preparation and expense management.

  • For construction managers frequently on the road, traveling from site to site, Shoeboxed's Magic Envelope service provides an easy way to take expense management off your hands.

  • Easily create expense reports to keep on top of job costs.

  • Importing e-receipts to your Shoeboxed account is as easy as syncing your Gmail with Shoeboxed, using Shoeboxed's special Gmail Receipt Sync feature.

  • The customer service, including a live chat option, is highlighted for being helpful and responsive to user needs.

  • Unlimited users means the entire team can be added to your account.

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4. Procore—software for construction projects

Procore website

Procore website

Procore aids contractors in managing their projects with real-time access to project information. Among apps for contractors, this one excels in document control, project visibility, and integrates seamlessly with other software.

Based on reviews of the Procore app, the feedback can be summarized into several key advantages and disadvantages:


  • The platform is noted for its strong customer service, with support being accessible and effective.

  • Organizes drawings and managing RFIs, RFQs, and Change Events efficiently.

  • The software is praised by users for its intuitive design, making it easier to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Offers a centralized platform for construction management, supporting mobile access and facilitating easy searches within documents.


  • Some of Procore's tools, such as the preconstruction bid management tool, have received criticism for not meeting user expectations.

  • Challenges have been reported in integrating Procore with other systems, causing inconvenience and requiring external assistance.

  • Despite acknowledging its benefits, some users find the pricing to be on the higher side, posing a potential barrier to adoption.

  • New users may face a learning curve due to the platform's complexity and wide range of features, necessitating proper training.

  • Users have reported software slowness and bugs, impacting the overall user experience, particularly in field operations.

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5. Fieldwire—jobsite management for construction teams

Fieldwire website

Fieldwire website

Fieldwire connects the construction field and the office. Features include task management, plan viewing, and issue tracking. The construction app is highly regarded for enhancing onsite communication and ensuring project consistency.


  • Great for project managers involved with multiple construction sites and projects

  • Intuitive and user-friendly

  • Useful as a task management tool for assigning tasks to different stakeholders

  • Effective tool for maintaining a robust line of communication between the office and the job site, as blueprints can be annotated and version control and tracking brings clarity to issues being addressed and taken care of


  • Syncing between mobile devices and computers can take time to load which can be difficult to deal with when on the field

  • Expensive pricing can be a barrier to entry for smaller teams and projects

  • Billing process isn't transparent

Starts from $39 per user

6. Contractor Foreman—project management with accounting integrations

Contractor Foreman website

Contractor Foreman website

Apps with accounting or bookkeeping software integration features enable contractors to seamlessly connect financial data with other operational aspects of their construction business.

Contractor Foreman offers real-time insight into financials by syncing with accounting modules. This simplifies processes like invoicing, payroll, and purchasing.


  • Construction teams found the integration process smooth and praised the mobile app's functionality. The ease of creating, submitting, approving, and logging changes or orders on mobile devices is highly valued.

  • The software allows for effective tracking of project progress, whether the projects are simple or complex, enhancing direct reports and access to project progress for builders and residents.

  • Offers a wide range of features that integrate several critical business areas into a user-friendly platform, saving countless hours on administration.

  • Users love the flexibility to enable or disable features as needed and appreciate the different user roles and visibility into project metrics.

  • Having a portal for clients for centralized notes and communication is highlighted as an important feature.

  • High marks for customer support, with easy access to help through chat, training videos, and direct support.

  • Many users feel the software offers great value for its price, packing numerous essential features into one package.


  • Some users find the software has a steep learning curve, with setup and use initially challenging.

  • Users noted limitations, such as the inability to create and use assemblies for detailed project management and a desire for more comprehensive email integration.

  • Occasional bugs and slow performance.

  • Some users desire better integration with financial and accounting software, indicating room for improvement in seamless data transfer and management.

Pricing starts at $49 per month

7. LetsBuild (formerly GenieBelt)—project management with real time progress updates

LetsBuild (formerly GenieBelt) website

LetsBuild (formerly GenieBelt) website

Effective project management software integration ensures that scheduling, task assignments, and progress tracking are in sync.

A contractor app like LetsBuild provides real-time progress updates, which is vital for meeting project milestones and deadlines.


  • Strong interface for managing projects, facilitating workflow and focus.

  • App allows for live progress updates from project sites, which users, including project managers, highly value.

  • Helps make team members aware of their progress within a project, potentially reducing delays due to lack of communication.

  • Its availability online and as an app enhances flexibility and accessibility for users.

  • Facilitates easy sharing of project documents and effective communication among team members.


  • Some users experienced challenges in integrating LetsBuild with other project planning software, which could limit its utility for those reliant on multiple platforms.

  • LetsBuild might feel basic compared to more comprehensive solutions.

  • The discrepancies between the app and web-based program interfaces can cause confusion and frustration, with some features not being accessible on both platforms.

  • Initial setup of projects can be time-consuming.

  • While the app is useful for collaboration and project management, user review noted missing features or functionalities that would enhance its utility.

Pricing starts at €20 per user per month

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8. Dashpivot—construction management suite

Dashpivot website

Dashpivot website

The ease with which users can navigate and operate an app is crucial. Apps like Dashpivot are designed with the construction environment in mind, ensuring that essential functions are accessible with minimal input.

Simple, clear menus and intuitive touch controls are key features that reduce the learning curve and support on-site productivity.


  • Highly praised photo capture feature effectively tracks progress and shares information with clients. The ability to tag and easily reference photos is noted as particularly beneficial.

  • The flexibility to create and customize templates to suit specific needs is a major plus. Can adapt the software to their workflow rather than the other way around.

  • Easy to use, with a simple interface that requires minimal training for teams to get up to speed. This includes both the web platform and the mobile app.

  • The platform allows for a paperless approach, streamlining the management of site diaries, safety documentation, and other forms. It improves the accuracy and availability of records.

  • Access data from the field in real-time.

  • Users find Dashpivot to offer good value, especially when considering the flexibility and range of features it provides compared to other products on the market.


  • Some users report stability issues, particularly with the mobile app, noting that it can sometimes freeze or require a restart.

  • While generally praised for its features, some users desire additional functionalities, such as improved analytics, easier adjustments by approvers in workflows, and better photo management tools like swiping between images.

  • Users who frequently update their templates wish for a way to automatically repopulate existing records with new template designs to avoid manual data re-entry.

  • The app favors larger screens over a mobile device screen.

  • Some mention slow loading in certain scenarios and occasional bugs, though these seem to have been addressed in recent updates.

Pricing starts at $32 per user per month

9. SafetyClerk—construction safety compliance software

SafetyClerk website

SafetyClerk website

Data protection is a critical aspect of any software used by general contractors. Construction management platforms like SafetyClerk recognize the importance of safeguarding project data.

They employ encryption and other security measures to ensure that all project details, from employee information to blueprints, remain confidential and secure against unauthorized access.


  • Solves issues of lost vital documentation and logs, crucial for compliance with various standards.

  • User-friendly, central storage for documents, simple worker orientation process via smartphones.

  • Considered unparalleled in ease and functionality.

  • Essential for licensed safety professionals in the construction industry, particularly in NYC.

  • Automates paperwork and ensures real-time compliance, allowing construction managers to focus more on construction tasks. User-friendly interface with exceptional support.


  • New users might need time to utilize all features fully.

  • Starting price is high.

Starts from $299 per month

10. Connecteam—job management

Connecteam website

Connecteam website

Connecteam is praised for its comprehensive features, user-friendly design, and excellent customer support. While it is not specifically construction software, this app helps with job scheduling and worker management, which can help ensure project success.


  • A comprehensive suite of features, including online and group chats, surveys, courses, rewards, forms, and more, makes it an all-encompassing engagement and management solution.

  • The app facilitates effective communication through real-time messaging, updates, and the ability to broadcast information to the team, improving overall coordination and engagement.

  • By automating paperwork and integrating various task management features into one platform, Connecteam helps businesses streamline their operations, allowing managers to focus on core activities rather than administrative tasks.

  • Automated reports enhance time tracking, improving project management and accountability.

  • The availability of a free version for startups with fewer than 10 employees is highly valued, making it an accessible solution for small businesses looking to grow.


  • While Connecteam offers extensive functionality, new users may require some time to fully grasp and utilize all of its features effectively.

  • Some users express a wish for more integrations with other software and the availability of an open API to enhance Connecteam’s utility and customization options.

  • There are occasional reports of slow photo uploads and issues with desktop access, such as freezing, which may impact the user experience.

  • The pricing structure, while competitive, may be a concern for very small teams or businesses with tight project budgets.

Price starts from $29 for 30 users per month

In closing

Adopting the right desktop and mobile construction apps can be a game-changer for general contractors.

Incorporating technology into daily operations can significantly impact the bottom line by reducing errors, cutting down on paperwork, and saving valuable time. As the industry continues to evolve, these apps are becoming not just a convenience but a necessity for general contractors committed to maintaining a competitive edge.

Tomoko Matsuoka is the managing editor for Shoeboxed, MailMate, and other online resource libraries. She covers small business tips, organization hacks, and productivity tools and software.

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