With Shoeboxed there has never been one “best” way to use our service to stay organized. And after processing over a billion dollars of expense data since 2007, we say that from years of firsthand experience!

Shoeboxed takes enormous pride in serving clients from around the country and across the globe, all of whom use our service in a myriad of ways to fulfill a whole host of organizational needs in both their personal and professional lives.

Jason Montoya: What are you neglecting?

“Today you’ll find a Shoeboxed box at the Noodlehead Marketing offices – everyone dumps their items in and they get shipped off to Shoeboxed. Mess cleaned.”

—Jason Montoya

Introducing: Jason Montoya

Profession: CEO, Noodlehead Studios

Twitter: @Noodlehead

LinkedIn: Noodlehead Studios

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

My name is Jason Montoya and I am a delightful mess. An entrepreneur since a young age, I have learned to know and own my mess—it’s an important part of who I am.

It’s only in the last couple years of my journey I’ve really come to understand the truth about my gifts. I used to think I was good at producing videos—I now understand I’m good at telling stories. I used to think I was good at “marketing”—I now understand I’m good at strategy. Fine tuning my understanding of the strengths I and my team have is key to Noodlehead Marketing’s mission—to obliterate marketing neglect. Knowing them allows us to identify our areas of most probable impact as well as anticipate our shortcomings, or “mess.” We identify the gaps, then fill them in.

My abundant creativity did nothing for me when I was audited by the IRS a couple of years ago. I had to prove everything and in order to do this I had to get organized. I had two options—do it manually or find a way to automate the process. Manually organizing all my receipts and lining everything up was daunting. I saw an opportunity in Shoeboxed.com. Gap filled.

My strategic brain kicked in. After several evolutions of use, we now we use Shoeboxed in a combination of receipt, document and business card scanning and archiving. Whenever we Shoeboxed a business card it automatically adds the information into our CRM system. This streamlines our sales and networking activities. Once stored, the service automatically emails the contact my information, as well. Today you’ll find a Shoeboxed box at the Noodlehead Marketing offices—everyone dumps their items in, and they get shipped off to Shoeboxed.com. Mess cleaned.

Noodlehead Marketing’s mission is to obliterate neglect. I recommend Shoeboxed.com because this tool helps me obliterate neglect.

What are you neglecting?

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