Earth Day is a yearly holiday celebrating the accomplishments of environmental movements and raising awareness of protecting Earth’s resources for future generations.

There are over 193 countries that celebrate this holiday with fun Earth Day activities.

Here are the various ways to celebrate Earth Day this year.

How to celebrate Earth Day at work

1. Stay virtual

If you can, skip going into the office and stay at home.

Since the preference for remote work has increased post-COVID, reducing your carbon footprint has become easier. If remote and hybrid work continues, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 94%.

So for Earth Day, let’s stay virtual for one more day for work. 

However, if you have to go into the office, try taking public transportation or carpooling with a coworker. Public transportation will operate regardless of the number of people. Since 76% of drivers drive alone to work every day, carpooling would reduce the number of cars emitting carbon emissions.

2. Go paperless at work

Sustainable forestry is an important balance between nature and our need for timber. 

With more than 200 million trees cut daily and 28 million metric tons of CO2 per year to produce paper, we can slowly reduce the amount by going paperless.

Technology has made it easier to digitize and store everything on the computer. Everything can be stored and searchable in a digital filing system, including legal paperwork, finances, receipts, and documents. Instead of rummaging throw a paper filing system, opt for a digital one instead.

For even more convenience, try receipt management software to track your expenses. No more manually inputting the numbers when software can do the work for you. 

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3. Add plants to your workspace 

Adding a little greenery helps increase productivity, reduce tension and anxiety, and decrease fatigue. One reason is that it connects you back to nature, as natural elements and color can decrease stress and anxiety levels.

So, let’s connect back to nature and add some plants to your office to create a biophilic design. Whether it’s for your office space, home office, or coworking space, these plants can be small, inexpensive indoor house plants from your local garden. 

Examples of low-maintenance office houseplants, The Spruce

Examples of low-maintenance office houseplants, The Spruce

4. Use energy-efficient LED bulbs

Many studies show that light-emitting diodes or LED lights use less energy to light a room.

By using LED or other energy-efficient LED bulbs, you are consuming less energy and saving utility costs.

5. Virtually explore the world

Many adults in the US have at least taken one virtual tour. It’s easy to see why. They are inexpensive and convenient; you can go anywhere at any time. 

Here is a list of virtual ways to explore Earth’s animals and nature:

Additionally, Youtube has many videos of nature walks in national parks, deserts, oceans, and mountains.

Clean up your local community

There are likely plenty of clean-up programs where you live. If not, then you and a group of friends should consider creating one!

6. Adopt-a-Highway

Adopt-a-Highway is a 2-year commitment program to clean up a section of your local highway. Many local environmental groups have been formed because of the Adopt-a-Highway program.

7. Clean up your neighborhood

A clean neighborhood improves the quality of life, which links to people’s health and well-being. It makes life healthier, less stressful, and more pleasant.

When enough people come together, a neighborhood can reduce its carbon footprint.

Cleaning up your neighborhood is not only a benefit for you but for the people around you as well.

8. Clean up your local park

A park is a public space; over time, it could become so full of junk that it’s unenjoyable. Cleaning up offers a more welcoming atmosphere and creates an enjoyable and safe place for people to be in.

Community-lead events

9. Visit a local farmer’s market

Farmer’s markets give small farmers and businesses opportunities to sell their products and meet the community they feed.

Most markets offer locally grown food such as fruits and vegetables, but they also sell meats, dairy, baked treats, and flowers.

Visiting your local farmer’s market isn’t just about supporting local farmers and experiencing a welcoming atmosphere. Many markets have evolved beyond their traditional roles to embrace digital platforms. Along with buying affordable items, you can now explore online delivery options for family-friendly dinner kits. These kits, carefully curated with products from the market, not only allow for a diverse, healthy dinner but also uphold the spirit of supporting local farmers and consuming fresh, locally-sourced produce. You essentially bring the farmer’s market experience right to your kitchen table, providing your family with a nutritious meal while promoting sustainable consumer habits.

Some farmer’s markets also offer a local Earth Day event, so see if your local market is promoting one.

10. Create a community garden

Community gardens are a great way to promote sustainable agriculture by offering locally sourced food, reducing food transportation costs, and decreasing water runoff.

A community garden in New York, Grow NYC

A community garden in New York, Grow NYC

Additionally, a community garden strengthens social bonds and allows people to give back to the community. 

Get your hands dirty

There are a lot of fun and educational celebrations for Earth Day. 

Here are a few ideas:

11. Build a bird feeder

An easy way to feed birds is to make a DIY cookie-cutter bird feeder.

Easy kid’s craft to make a feeder, What’s Up, Mom?

12. Create and throw a seed bomb

A seed bomb is a way to reintroduce plants and vegetation to the land by dropping a ball made of seeds, compost, and clay powder onto the ground. These seeds can be a mix of wildflowers and annual/perennial plants.

How to create seed bomb with Gardener Scott

Using wild seeds that are native to the land preserves biodiversity and provides a food source for native animals such as butterflies, insects, birds, and other mammals. Restoring local plant life will help pollinators and attract native bird life and local wildlife.

A good place to throw these seed bombs is barren lands, road dividers with patches of green, and anywhere there is soil. 

Using seed bombs can be a good way to start a local environmental restoration project in the community.

13. Plant a tree

Trees are one of the most important elements for us and nature. They give us oxygen, reduce water runoff that also minimizes erosion and pollution, and give homes to many species of wildlife. 

You can plant trees anywhere in your community—in parks, schools, or urban areas. You can create a tree-planting event where multiple trees are planted within a day.

An alternative way to plant trees is to donate to any tree-planting organizations. The organization will match the amount you donate by planting trees.

Here is a list of some places you can donate to:

You can also try Ecosia. It is a search engine that uses ad-generated revenue to plant trees. While the search results aren’t as extensive as Google, it is one of the ways to help a cause on your computer for free.

Ecosia’s home page

14. Learn how to compost

Composting involves decomposing organic material such as food scraps, leaves, and animal products properly. This combination of organic matter can improve the structure and health of your soil.

Learning how to compost not only reduces methane emissions but also cuts the amount of trash from waste fills. 

Composting for Beginners, Better Homes & Gardens

Go on an adventure

What’s more fun than an adventure?

While the destination could be the main reason, remember the journey that took you there. 

Explore an area you have never ventured to or go with friends and family.  

15. Hike a nature trail

Taking a hike is not only healthy, but it can help you get better sleep.

Depending on where you live, going to a hiking trail might be as close as your backyard or a 3-hour drive out.

Spending time outdoors has health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and boosting your mood. You should seize the day and be out as long as possible. 

If you are hiking in one of the many national parks, keep in mind that there are rules in place to protect local wildlife and wild spaces by prohibiting hikers from going on a specific path.

16. Visit a botanical garden

A botanical garden has a variety of plants that you don’t normally see. Additionally, because of the greenery, it has a soothing environment and is a nice place to be and relax.

While it varies between botanical gardens, some places offer free or discounted tickets for locals.

So check your local botanical garden.

17. Plan a beach day

Similar to other nature-related activities, beaches have health benefits. Beaches offer minerals and salt from the ocean, the sand is a natural exfoliator, and it is an amazing place to reconnect to nature to improve your mood.

You can also take the extra step and do a small beach clean-up if you see trash on the sand or floating in the sea. Take an extra garbage bag or two to the beach this Earth Day!

18. Take a walk

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to celebrate Earth Day is to take a walk around your neighborhood or to the local park.

A nature walk has many benefits, but one of the best benefits is that it stimulates relaxation and improves our mood. 

In closing

Even though one day is dedicated to the Earth, these various ways to celebrate Earth Day can be used in your daily life, like switching to LED lights or picking up trash around your neighborhood.

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