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“Profit from efficiency. Clients prefer using Shoeboxed's prepaid envelopes and that’s what makes Shoeboxed a superior product over their competitors.”
Kimberly Mickel, Avanlea Inc. bookkeeper for small businesses
Peggy Miller President, eAccounting Office, Inc.
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How does Shoeboxed’s Magic Envelope service work?

Stuff receipts into a pre-paid Magic Envelope and send them to our processing facility.
We scan receipts, extract & verify receipt data, and upload receipts to your account.
Get notified that receipts are processed and viewable in your Shoeboxed account.
We return or shred the mailed-in documents based on your preference.

Why choose Shoeboxed’s receipt scanning & receipt management software?

Mail-in receipt scanning service painlessly digitizes boxes of receipts
Digital archive of receipts prevents damage-related receipt loss
Receipt scans that meet tax audit requirements
Quick tallying of tax categories streamlines reporting
Built-in expense reports feature reduces hours of tax prep
Account sharing fosters easy check-ins with clients
Unlimited, separate accounts for bookkeeping businesses of any size
Create receipt category tags and rules based on client needs
Return or shred option for mail-in docs based on your clients’ wishes
Integrations with QuickBooks and other popular accounting software

3 options for bookkeepers looking to use Shoeboxed with their clients

Your client signs up and pays for Shoeboxed directly, and you — the bookkeeper — are added as a user on your client’s account. This option is simple and effective and carries no fees for the bookkeeper.

How it works

Your client adds you as a sub-user on their account. You can be on as many client accounts as you’d like and can toggle between accounts. The end client can remove you and add another bookkeeper at any time. Give your client your unique referral link and receive a 20% referral reward.

You pay for a Shoeboxed plan on your client’s behalf and include it as part of your onboarding process and fees for the client. This option prompts the automatic adoption of digital receipt storage and financial record-keeping best practices.

How it works

You can have any number of client accounts connected to your account and can toggle between them. All client accounts are completely separate. Clients/sub-users can be added to any account you open. Use your unique referral link and receive a 20% referral reward for each client during their first year.

You pay for a single Shoeboxed account and include all clients’ receipts within the same account. Separate client receipts with custom category tags. (Note: This method is the most time-intensive of the three options and requires a high degree of maintenance.)

How it works

Physical receipts are pre-sorted by bookkeepers and typically split by unique envelope codes for their clients, and bookkeepers must sort by unique envelope codes to apply the custom category within Shoeboxed. For expense reports, the bookkeeper must filter by category (client).

Shoeboxed receipt management software for bookkeepers
Case study

How Avanlea Inc. bookkeeper saves 900 hours a year with Shoeboxed

Based in South Carolina, Kimberly Mickel is a bookkeeper who has worked in the legal field for 27 years, handling front- and back-office accounting. Her expertise includes instructing attorneys on how to bill accurately and inculcating the billing process within law firms... Read more

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can create sub-accounts for each one of your clients. We recommend a demo to discuss the different account set-up options to determine what willthat work best for you and your clients.

Yes, we can add as many users to each account as you'd like. Each one of your client sub-accounts can have a unique list of users.

Yes, we recommend having a sub-account for each one of your clients. Each account will act as its own Shoeboxed account and can easily be synced to the appropriate QuickBooks Online account

The mailing address on the account is where the Magic Envelopes and returned documents will, by default, be sent to. However, the Magic Envelopes can be sent to Shoeboxed from anywhere within the US. You can either re-route the Magic Envelopes to the end user to send in directly to Shoeboxed or talk to our support team to have a few Magic Envelopes sent to your client (if the address is different than what's displayed within the account).

Please speak with your Client Success Manager for any onboarding materials. Each Shoeboxed account is based on your preferences. We'd be happy to set up a meeting and/or create a video to ensure your clients are onboarded correctly.

Yes! We have combo plans that allow for both digital and physical receipts.

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