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The Shoeboxed Team

Tobias Walter— CEO, Co-founder

Tobias Walter

With extensive experience in investment banking and startup financing, Tobi is responsible for Financing, Legal and HR, and overall Business Planning and Strategy.

He worked in Capital Markets for Société Générale in Paris, France and in Mergers & Acquisitions for Morgan Stanley in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2006, Tobi joined studiVZ (now the largest website in Germany) during its founding days and became part of the six person management team of the 180 employee company. As the company’s VP International Markets, Tobi led the site’s roll out to eight foreign markets, leading a team of 60 people and managing a one-digit million Euro budget. He was also intimately involved in the acquisition of studiVZ for €85 million.

Tobi studied Economics & Business Administration at top business schools in Germany, France and the US.

Beyond its core executive team, Shoeboxed’s day-to-day operations and growth are managed by a team of over 50 ambitious, talented and passionate entrepreneurs and young professionals from around the world.

In addition to its headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, Shoeboxed has a growing team in Sydney, Australia who manage the company’s Australian and New Zealand operations.

Shoeboxed is thankful to enjoy the guidance and support of a handful of world-class advisors from around the globe, including:

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