Using ScanSnap Cloud with ScanSnap iX-Series scanners, small businesses and independent contractors can save time, money and hassle by digitizing receipts and sending them automatically to Shoeboxed without the need for a computer or mobile device. Simply select Shoeboxed as the destination for your receipts in the ScanSnap Cloud app, and turn your expenses into an organized, categorized, IRS- accepted archive of secure data. Just press the Scan button and let ScanSnap Cloud do the work for you!

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ScanSnap Cloud

Better Together

  • Set Shoeboxed as your cloud preference in ScanSnap Cloud, and your scanned documents will automatically be sorted and sent to your Shoeboxed account!
  • All of your documents are sorted and organized into keyword searchable categories.
  • Get financially organized and maximize tax deductions by digitizing and categorizing receipts online with ScanSnap Cloud and Shoeboxed.

Find more information on using Shoeboxed and ScanSnap together, including step-by-step instructions.

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