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USA Today Logo Keeping track of receipts can be a real pain. You can enter the information into a spreadsheet yourself or spend $200 on software that makes you scan and file receipts. A better solution is Shoeboxed. —Carla Thornton, USA Today

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Press Mentions

  • TechCrunch

    Shoeboxed Launches “Labs,” A Place For Experimental Products

    The company this week launched a new initiative called “Shoeboxed Labs,” which will allow it to roll out experimental features to its core service more rapidly. The first feature is called “Price Deputy,” a price comparison service that alerts consumers to better deals after they purchase. — Sarah Perez · September 20, 2013
  • PCMag

    Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker for iPhone Gets a New Interface

    One of my favorite productivity apps is Shoeboxed… Many small business owners wear many hats. I’m pretty sure the hat that many of them would kill to eliminate is organizing a shoe box (get it) of receipts. Shoeboxed makes it stupid simple to scan receipts as you get them for fast organization with the time comes. — Terrance Gaines · January 24, 2013
  • Time Magazine

    Guidelines for Electronic Tax Receipts

    While you can track your small business receipts using nothing more than a scanner and spreadsheet, you might consider using one of a number of online services. If you’re looking for reliable storage for digitial tax receipts, consider Shoeboxed. — Lauren Simonds · April 4, 2013
  • Yahoo Finance

    8 Things Not to Keep in Your Wallet

    Clear those receipts out each night, shredding the ones you don’t need. But for receipts you save, keep them safe by going digital. Apps such as Shoeboxed create and categorize digital copies of your receipts and business cards. — Emily Inverso · July 9, 2012
  • AmEx Open Forum

    5 More Simple Ways Your Small Biz Can Go Paperless

    Shoeboxed will scan the papers and index them in your account. From there, you can generate highly detailed, sortable reports, and integrate them into your existing database systems, including Excel, Quicken, Outlook, Gmail, Freshbooks, and many others. Essentially, the service can turn a pile of disorganized paper into an expense report or contact database without you ever touching a keyboard. — Matt Silverman · May 3, 2010
  • The Wall Street Journal

    Receipt Wranglers

    True, photographing receipts with your phone is a lot easier than feeding them into a scanner. But when you’re faced with a whole month (or year) of crumpled papers, even this task can be daunting. With Shoeboxed’s premium plans, you can mail even your most wrinkled receipts to the service’s Durham, N.C., office to have them scanned and verified by a human being. — Laura Moser · March 22, 2013
  • The New York Times

    How to Make a Small Business Seem Much Bigger

    Mr. Garland solves his clutter problem — the piles of papers and receipts — with Shoeboxed. “They send you a prepaid envelope and you shove everything in there,” he said. “They digitize it and create a content management system for you, then send back the originals. — Eilene Zimmerman · March 2, 2011
  • NPR

    ‘Consumer Reports’ Offers Tips For Doing Taxes Online

    On the best and most helpful software: If you have receipts throughout the year there’s something called Shoeboxed. You actually send the company your receipts, and they scan the documents for you and upload it. Then, you can then download it to your tax software or use it however you want. — NPR Staff · March 4, 2013
  • Forbes

    Fantastic Tools For The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

    The bottom line: no more crinkled, unorganized receipts, no more expensive scanners, no more data entry or lost documents, and best of all, no more stressful tax seasons. — Natalie Sisson · October 27, 2010
  • Mashable

    13 Tech Tools for a Paper-Free Life

    Shoeboxed is great for outsourcing paperwork. The service mainly catalogs receipts, but you can also send any other paper product. Everything is scanned and organized in an online portfolio for you. — Ari Meisel · November 11, 2011

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