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Small Business Owners Are Hard To Reach. We make it easier!

Shoeboxed is one of the biggest brands for tech-savvy small business owners. With over 1,000,000 accounts, we provide one of the largest bases of qualified traffic for your Small Business app, service, or product.

Advertising Opportunities

We currently do a monthly, stand-alone email to our user base. The list size is roughly 800,000 and the CPM is $80. There might be opportunities to test an offer to a smaller base first, depending on our schedule. Please reach out to us below and we can figure out together what the best fit is. While we currently only serve dedicated email ads, we are always interested in other opportunities. We are thinking about expanding to display ads inside the app, smaller ad spaces in our newsletter as well as other possibilities. Please get in touch with us as we’d love to hear what you would like to do so we can figure out what is the best way to work together.

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