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Simplify daily bookkeeping tasks

Key features and tools built for small business owners, accountants, and bookkeepers.
Turn receipts into data
Get your receipts turned into extracted, human-verified data that is categorized, organized, searchable, editable, and available anytime, anywhere.
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Create expense reports
Create a comprehensive expense report that includes images of all your expenses. Export, share, or print data for tax deductions or reimbursement.
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Always be audit ready

Shoeboxed’s digital images of your receipts are accepted by the Internal Revenue Service and the Canada Revenue Service in the event of an audit.

All your scanned receipts are:

  • Legibly scanned
  • Clearly categorized
  • Easy to locate
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Receipt organization done right

Try our systematic approach to receipt categories for tax time.

  • Important receipt information is OCR-extracted
  • Data is automatically categorized into 15 tax categories
  • Search, edit & manage receipts quickly for expense reporting
  • Create custom reports with receipts attached
  • Use the app’s free mileage tracker for business mileage
  • Add a bookkeeper or accountant as a sub-user for tax reports
  • Integrate with other accounting software & accounting tools
  • Provide easy access to sub-users for team collaboration

*Named best receipt scanner app for tax season by Hubspot!

How Shoeboxed’s receipt scanning works

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1. Send in your receipts

Clear your desks and drawers of paper receipts by mailing them straight to our processing facility for free with our postage-paid Magic Envelope™! Or upload receipts with our iOS and Android receipt scanner app.
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2. We extract receipt data

Our verification experts double-check extracted OCR data (vendor, total, date, sales tax, payment type, etc.). After the human-verifying step, the data is added to your cloud-based dashboard for easy expense tracking.
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3. Organize & report

A valued feature of our receipt scanner is its function as an expense receipts organizer. Use 15 standard categorizations for filing taxes or create different categories for the best fit. Export your data at any time, including receipt scans.

Frequently asked questions

IRS accepts receipt images as valid tax records provided the receipt scans meet the following criteria: (1) Receipt scans must be identical to their original versions. (2) Each receipt image must be clearly legible and readable. (3) In the case of an IRS audit, you must be able to produce hard copies of the scanned receipts. (4) Scanned documents must be stored in a secure place. See “Rev. Proc. 97-22 (Recordkeeping – Electronic Storage System),” Shoeboxed fulfills all the requirements for creating an IRS-accepted digital archive of receipts.

The best receipt scanning apps prioritize security and data privacy. We recommend you read the privacy policy and terms of use before using any receipt scanning software. Shoeboxed protects both your paper documents and your scanned documents. All of your paper is securely stored at our independently owned and operated processing center in Durham, NC. All doors are entry controlled and monitored 24/7 with security cameras. Digital documents and data are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which online banks also use to protect bank accounts.

Optical character recognition (OCR) describes software that allows a computer to read text captured on an image. For receipts, this means that with OCR receipt scanners, you can pull receipt line items from a picture of a receipt. That data can then be added to fields in accounting software or digital filing systems.

Shoeboxed uses OCR receipt scanning technology—but goes a step further by human-verifying all extracted data. Our data entry specialists check every scanned receipt for errors to verify the accuracy of the extracted data.

Receipt scanning software makes it possible to save and capture receipts in digital format, facilitating the following:
  1. For dispute resolution
  2. For tax purposes, including claiming tax deductibles
  3. For monitoring supply costs
  4. For monitoring tax liability
  5. For proof in case of an IRS audit
  6. For reimbursing employee expenses
  7. For analyzing spending patterns

Shoeboxed’s digital plans are available to try for free for 30 days. During this free trial period, you can upload up to 5 receipts to test how Shoeboxed extracts information from receipts and verifies it with their data-processing team. Cancel any time during the 30 days, and your credit card will not be charged.

The Shoeboxed scanner app has a free plan that allows you to upload receipts and manually categorize them. The app also offers a free mileage tracker and a free business card organizing feature. Please note: The free plan does not provide unlimited OCR scans.

If you have a year to several years’ backlog of paper receipts or if you need your receipts and tax documents digitized for an upcoming tax audit—we’d be happy to help! We recommend using our pre-paid Magic Envelope service to ship your receipts to our processing center, where we will scan them into your account as well as human verify each receipt’s data.
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Turn business receipts into data & deductibles

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